Enjoy The Weather In Borrego Springs, California

weather in borrego springs, california

Don’t miss the 2021 wildflower bloom in Borrego Springs! Make sure to book your stay now.

There are already many great reasons to book a stay or purchase a tiny home at Borrego Holiday Homes. Just one reason is prices on tiny homes have been dropped by up to $10,000 to help potential tiny home buyers be a part of this wonderful manufactured home community.

In addition to our many amenities (Wi-Fi, newly renovated clubhouse, heated spa) there is amazing stargazing through the crisp night desert air and miles of hiking trails.

But the cherry on top: the weather in Borrego Springs can’t be beat. Just take a look at some the annual averages for weather in Borrego Springs.

What’s the average temperature in Borrego Springs?

The average temperature in Borrego Springs, CA is 75.95 degrees.

What’s the average high temperature in Borrego Springs?

The annual average high temperature in Borrego Springs is 88.3 F. In July the temperature can rise to 108 F.

What’s the average low temperature in Borrego Springs?

The average low temperature in Borrego Springs is 63.6 F.

What’s the annual precipitation in Borrego Springs?

The average annual precipitation in Borrego Springs is 5.32 inches of rainfall.

The weather in Borrego Springs allows for a beautiful desert sunflower bloom that any nature lover should not miss. Strolling through the desert sunflower bloom offers a peaceful getaway to relax your mind from the day-to-day grind of the real world. Even the Associated Press took notice of the amazing early “superbloom” we experienced this year:

It started with the desert lilies in December. Since then a wave of wildflower blooms has been crescendoing across Southern California’s Anza-Borrego desert in a burst of color so vivid it can be seen from mountain tops thousands of feet above.

Borrego Springs Wildflowers

And Rick Marino of the Desert Sun pointedly told readers, “Head to Borrego Springs for Wildflower season. You won’t regret it.” Marino continued, “The town is one of my favorite spots to share with out-of-town friends and family. It is clean and quiet, remote and beautiful.”

The weather in fall months in Borrego Springs is the perfect time to head out on a hike. One great place is Anza-Borrego’s Cool Canyon. Jerry Schad of the San Diego Reader writes, “Botany buffs consider Cool Canyon a hot spot for viewing transitional low-desert/high-desert vegetation. Also, the canyon’s off-the-beaten-track locale and intimate setting nearly always pleases those seeking quietude.”

Avid hikers will love the moderately difficult Cool Canyon Loop:

The Cool Canyon Loop offers hikers a 3-hour round trip hike with elevations that reach 2,600-3,590 feet. (per borregohiking.com)

If you’re looking for a shorter hike that can still provide breathtaking views head to the Panormaic Overlook Trail in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. This trail is only a mile, takes about 30 minutes to complete, and rises about 275 feet.

If the summer months seem too hot for your blood simply stay cool in our pool with a poolside barbecue bar and fire pit!

Wildflower Photo Credit: slworking2/Flickr CC-BY-NA-SA 2.0

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